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About Genco Construction

Gene Martin

Genco Built is a highly regarded custom home building and general contracting company. Much of this is due to the ideals and principles of founder, president, and Accredited Master Builder, Gene Martin. Gene, a 3rd generation builder, has more than thirty years of hands-on experience and grew up building homes with his father and grandfather.


Gene’s outstanding reputation is a result of his strong commitment to superior quality, expert design, and unparalleled customer service. 


Genco Built is committed to building homes of great architectural merit and enduring value. While never departing from the processes that define outstanding workmanship, Genco Built builds and renovates homes that not only reflect your aesthetic sensibilities but respond to your needs and ultimately your dreams.

Customer Focused

Genco Built takes great pride in building and managing the customer relationship. For it’s not simply the outcome that qualifies the building project as successful; rather it’s the day-to-day project management, the coordination of services, and the minimization of homeowner disruptions that are equally as important as the finished product. From design consultation through interior design and landscaping—and every step in between—Genco Construction's unparalleled customer service and attention to detail sets the company apart.

Professional Licenses & Memberships
  • Class B General Contractors License - Larimer County, Colorado

  • Class C General Contractor License - Loveland, Colorado

  • Class C General Contractor License - Boulder, Colorado

  • Class D1 General Contractor License - Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Class C General Contractor License - Longmont, Colorado

  • Class C General Contractor License - Boulder County, Colorado

  • Accredited Master Builder

  • Accredited Builder


Gene Martin General Contracting, Gene’s former New Jersey company, was recognized in 2003 by the Washington Township Historic Preservation Commission as well as the Ledgewood Township Historic Preservation Commission for Contributions to Historic Preservation.

Genco Built
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