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"Gene and Maria Martin of Genco Construction, are highly competent home builders and provide outstanding quality homes. Gene, researches products thoroughly, works with reputable subcontractors, and provides the highest quality products.  Gene closely manages his employees and oversees all subcontractors! He is the most competent and reliable builder in northern Colorado and he brings honesty and integrity to the building process which are characteristics that are so important to the building industry, but difficult to find. The integrity that Gene brings to his profession will provide his clients with the absolute best building experience possible. I will be happy to talk to anyone personally regarding Genco Construction! Gene also maintains close communication with his clients which is a critical element of a successful relationship. I am absolutely thrilled with the home that Genco Construction built for me!"

Cheryl Poage, Crystal Lakes, CO

Genco Construction was just fantastic during our Kitchen remodel.  The granite, backsplash and new copper sink has changed the entire look of our place and we couldn’t be happier with the entire project and outcome.    Gene was onsite almost everyday taking care of the littlest details and making sure that the Cabin was kept in tip top shape through the entire process.  He kept us informed regarding every step involved so that we never had to wonder where the remodel stood. Next on the planning agenda is a new barn and we can’t wait.

Darn Lucas, Red Feather Lakes, CO

"Excellent customer service and fast response. Quality work done right the first time. Thrilled to have found a quality contractor near me. Highly recommend.”


Charlie Propernick, Red Feather Lakes, CO

"Gene has an easygoing and friendly demeanor which somewhat masks his determination and resolve. His competence and honesty as a builder are beyond question. His compassionate and giving nature with all who know him make him truly unique.


As a third generation builder Gene knows materials and workmanship from a hands-on vantage point. Materials are chosen for their endurance and suitability and not price. Structural and component integrity has to be built in. It cannot be added after the fact. Knowledgeable trades people are taken aback by the components used and the workmanship.


Gene is on-site every day to guarantee that code standards are being met. He is always accessible and will listen and pay attention to what you want. We highly recommend Gene to be your builder. Your home is probably your greatest asset and the building process can be demanding. Having Genco Construction build your home on time and on budget will make this process pleasant and enjoyable.


Dave and Kathy Dillon, Harbinger, North Carolina

"Definitely recommend Genco Construction. Our home suffered over $100,000 damage due to flooding and basically needed a complete remodel. Genco worked extremely well with our insurance company and our home was completed on time and beautiful. Genco took the stress out; thank you being there when we needed you most!!"
-Glenn Wagner, Red Feather Lakes, CO
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